sign in frame whiteThe Pop Shop Gallery is a full custom picture frame shop located in Lakewood, Ohio. We offer many options in matting, mounting, and conservational glasses. We propose over 1,500 distinguished contemporary and traditional frames and over 800 archival mattings to accommodate a variety of styles and personal tastes. We have over 15 years of experience, framing artwork, jerseys, documents, and other personal memories. If you’re not sure where to begin your custom framing process, stop in for a free estimate and other creative solutions from one of our designers.
Why Custom Framing?
Custom picture framing is a great way to enhance any 2-dimensional work (and some 3-dimensional work). A frame can add visual strength to a picture and help tie other elements of a room together. We can help coordinate frames to play off your furniture or other accents within a room (ex. Metal or wood accents). By adding mats to your piece, you can also emphasize the colors within a picture to play off existing color schemes within your home or office.

Custom Matting – If you have already have a frame and would like to drop a current picture in to it.  A custom matting could be your solution.  We can cut mats to accommodate your existing frame and picture. Matting will give you a custom look while saving you on some of the custom framing costs.  Matting is also a great way to preserve you pictures; we only use archival acid free mats and backing boards to insure your valuable pieces will last a very long time.

We Can Frame Just About Anything! – Framing memories is our specialty.  We don’t just frame paper works or 2 dimensional art.  We can frame all sorts of 3 dimensional objects.  Here are a few of things we have framed in the past: Jerseys, Military Pins, Spoons, Fossils/Arrowheads, Guns, Knives, Records/Albums,  Comic Books, Toys, Coins, Music Memorabilia, Ceramic Tiles, and more.


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