Jared Gepperth is the trained marksman that owner, R!ch Cihlar, has molded to preserve and esthetically present framed art works at the Pop Shop Gallery. He works as a designer but has over 10 years of graphic design experience dating back to higher secondary school. He currently holds his Associate in the Arts. His current endeavor at Baldwin Wallace University includes finishing his Bachelors degree in Digital Media and Design (Graphic Design) along with his Bachelors in Studio Art with his emphases leaning towards ceramics and painting. He has always strived to find the best way to display a piece of work and he knows the value that presentation brings. His personal style goes across the spectrum but doesn’t’t stop him from being serious about his designing ability. With Jared’s graphic designer’s brain and an artist’s heart you can count on him working hard to benefit your vision while adding a flare of his own creativity.

Jared- “Working with another person is always pleasing.  It exposes you firsthand into their life and their experiences. It shows a vital amount of trust for someone to believe in your vision start to finish. I always assure my client that I am invested in each project, from the smallest to the largest. Each piece being framed is important to me and demands all of my attention.